Ramdev eviction: Why his salwar kameez looks carefully picked out

first_imgFor someone who is always been against “stitched clothing”, Baba Ramdev sure seemed to be much more flexible for the sake of survival.As he tried to flee Ramlila Maidan in a white chikankari salwar kameez early on Sunday, one couldn’t help but notice that his womanly garb appeared more carefully picked out than a last minute choice.Click here to EnlargeSuspiciously looking to be made to order, the salwar kameez did not help the heavily bearded Ramdev pass off as a woman and escape the police.But it nevertheless flattered his slender yogic frame.Baba might have given up his obvious saffron for a blend in the background white, but his salwar kameez still identified his physical frame more easily than he would have thought.After all, had it been a couple of sizes too big, it would have maybe worked as a better overall than it finally did.The fact that it looked like it was made just for the yogic guru made one suspicious if it was more of a stand- by option than a last minute desperate Bollywood- esque escape route which it was made out to be.The salwar fell right over the ankles with the bottom falling absolutely at the right length.The length of the kurta was neither too short nor too long; it fell right around the middle of the knee area.The sleeves – elbow length – didn’t seem too tight or too loose; even the armholes appeared to be of perfect fitting.advertisementThe neck was round and high – unlike what most women wear. It was particularly modest and masculine. Even the dupatta looked more like a religious stole than what goes with this kind of a salwar kameez.The Internet in particular went abuzz with comments on his choice of outfit. Twitter and Facebook saw hilarious updates on Ramdev’s carefully picked out ensemble and its dramatic purpose.From likening him to a “drag queen” to “Shikhandi from the Mahabharat”, the comments and status updates on his salwar kameez kept many entertained all day.last_img