FIFA World Cup 2018: Most memorable moments

first_imgGuard change at Windsor Castle #ItsComingHome— Richard Bannan (@richardbannan) July 6, 2018 Advertisement The alphabet by Neymar 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪— 101 Great Goals (@101greatgoals) July 13, 2018England, as their fans believed were on the verge of their first World Cup since 1966 when they routed Panama and eventually played better in the later stages of the game to reach Semifinals where they lost to Croatia 2-1. Considering the quality of the team they were quite good and even Harry Kane bagged the Golden Boot. But there’s the only thing that could make England’s World Cup memorable. ‘It’s Coming Home’. Basically, it was coined to make fun of England’s abysmal form in the Cups and how they make wrong call-ups to the teams. Eventually, it became an anthem and was being used all over social media and fans worldwide.Photo 📷 from a train station in Nottingham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 today 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#ItsComingHome— FIFA WorldCup Trivia (@Trivia_WorldCup) July 12, 2018 Southgate you’re the one #England #Semifinals #Samara— Rachel Burden (@rachelburden) July 7, 2018So this marks the end of a remarkable World Cup which will again only be relieved in 2022.Read Also:-FIFA World Cup 2018 : Top goals of the tournament ( with videos)FIFA World Cup 2018 : Best matches of the tournament (with video highlights)FIFA World Cup 2018 : Best assists of the tournament (with video) Can’t get enough of this nonsense #ItsComingHome— OJ (@Owz46) July 5, 2018Even their manager, Gareth Southgate was wonderful during their World Cup run. AdvertisementAt last, after a gruelling month of Football and heartbreaks, the World Cup is finally over. The whole month, only dedicated to Football every 4 years is over. As we rethink about the World Cup winners, France which was their 2nd in 20 years we can’t help remembering the events that will be discussed and remembered for a long time.Starting with Maradona’s antics during the games, Japanese fans and players cleaning their respective rooms and seats after matches, Neymar’s antics in every match, It’s coming home and The Champion’s Curse strikes again.Maradona, the Argentine Legend had been at the centre of criticism during the group stages when he was behaving erratically during the matches of Argentina. On one particular match, he had to be carried out on a stretcher after the final whistle as his medical condition had worsened. He was present in all of Argentina’s games until they were eliminated by winners France in the Round of 16. It’s really wonderful the country legend is still so much involved in the country’s games. Here’s are some of the glimpses of his antics.Japan has always been known for its culture and their amiable nature towards everyone. Russia just saw a bit of them during Japan’s time in the World Cup. They went on till the Round of 16 where they were beaten by Belgium in a last-minute winner by Nacer Chadli. Japan broke down in tears but they were like the Phoenix rising from the ashes as there had been reports that even after the loss the Japanese fans stayed back to clean up the mess that most fans had created during the game. Even the Japanese team cleaned up the locker room and left a Thank-You note for the cleaners. Something to be learned from them! Neymar had been the main discussing topic for quite a long time during the World Cup due to his on-field antics that everybody was fed up of. He was reportedly seen ‘diving’ that is falling down on the ground with minimal or no contact and then pleading for a foul. Diving is looked down upon by football fans worldwide and overnight that turned Neymar into an internet meme.Some fans were unhappy that he always got away with warnings and was never booked and this gave way to a number of memes.WEEK 1 DAY 5 | We’ve had a fabulous week to kick off our Summer Camp. We decided to end it with the #NeymarChallenge. I think some of the children are definitely going to the World Cup with their impressions! 🔵⚪️⚽️ #WeAreKillie— Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust (@KillieCommunity) July 6, 2018last_img