VIDEO: Happy Star Loads Up

first_imgLoading operation, especially of heavy, bulky cargo, is a demanding job, requiring particular skill and ingenuity. The video above gives you a taste of just how impressive such loading operations can be.It shows loading of two Sandvik shiploaders & tripper cars on board BigLtft’s Happy Star heavy lift vessel, taking place in Nansha, China.Happy Star’s lifting curve ranges from 1,800 mt at 25 metres, 1,600 mt at 28 metres to 1,000 mt at 41 metres, with a lifting height of nearly 47 metres above the main deck.Happy Star features two 900 mt Heavy Lift Mast Cranes, built by Huisman and installed at Huisman China’s yard in Xiamen.She has pontoon type hatch covers and a large poop deck which make the vessel’s full deck area available for cargo stowage.Happy Star’s tween deck is adjustable in height and she is allowed to sail with open weather deck hatches at a draught of up to 8 metres.World Maritime News Staff; Video: BigLiftlast_img