MoroccoGabon Set up Cooperation Agreement on Development and Investment

Rabat – Minister delegate for the Interior Charki Drais and Gabon’s minister delegate for Social Forecasting Marie-Françoise Dikoumba approved, on Friday in Rabat, the formalization of the joint steering committee on the framework agreement for cooperation on human development and investment, and its standing secretariat.The setting up of this committee and its secretariat, under minutes signed by Drais and Dikoumba, marks the effective enforcement of the framework agreement, signed on Dec. 22 in Libreville, by the Moroccan ministries of Interior and Health and Gabon’s Social Forecasting ministry concerning sharing expertize and good practices related to income-generating activities, the fight against precariousness, community-based health care, supervision and assessment, and actions by associations.The joint steering committee is co-chaired by the Gabonese minister delegate for Social Forecasting and Minister delegate for the Interior, or their respective representatives. The formalization follows a Gabonese technical mission (March 29-April 3 in Morocco) meant to establish governance bodies tasked with monitoring the implementation of the framework agreement, said Dikoumba who is also the national coordinator of human investment strategy (SIHG).Drais underlined Morocco’s and Gabon’s steadfast resolve to strive for the well-being of their respective citizens, reiterating Morocco’s unwavering readiness to assist Gabon in order to improve its population’s economic and social conditions.The two parties signed the 2015 action plan, by virtue of which they will meet in Libreville in May. The action plan provides mainly for organizing training workshops for the benefit of SIHG technical committee and formalizing partnerships related to hemodialysis centers and Autistic kids centers in Gabon.