Moroccos Justice to Bring Safi CatKiller to Trial

Rabat – The Moroccan public prosecutor of the Court of First Instance agreed to take the necessary legal proceedings against the man who burned 40 live stray cats to death, in the Western Moroccan city of Safi.The first of its kind in the history of Morocco, the legal case was brought before court following a lawsuit filed by the international animal rights non-profit Comme Chat et Chien (CCC) association (Like Cat and Dog), which appointed one of its own lawyers to the case.According to the secretary general of the NGO Youssra El Hachimi, the cat-killer used to train his dogs to attack cats, which left many cats injured and sometimes killed as a result. Read also: Man in Morocco Sets Fire to Cats Shelter, Kills at Least 25 CatsThere are legal loopholes regarding the punishment of crimes against stray animals in the Moroccan penal code. The laws that protect animal rights  concern pets and household animals. This has not stopped Moroccan authorities from taking legal measures against such horrendous acts.Adamant that justice must and will be served, the association launched a petition that called on the Ministry of Justice to investigate what it called a “massacre against poor animals” as well as calling on Moroccan citizens to sympathize.