Denmark with 14 players without Spellerberg and Noddesbo – Wilbek presents Polish

Bo SpellerbergDanish handball squadUlrik Wilibek There is no secret anymore. Danish NT coach, Ulrik Wilbek announced squad of 14 players and five reserves for the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia.  The biggest surprise is nomination for the second goalkeeper, where is Marcus Cleverly from Vive Targi Kielce. Obviously, Wilbek is preparing for the match against Poland in the Preliminary Round.Denmark has problem with Jesper Noddesbo and Bo Spellerberg. Line player of F.C Barcelona has problem with discus hernia, but still is possible to see him in Serbia. Spellerberg got groin strain injury in the last match for his KIF Kolding and probably won’t be able to help his team-mates in the action “Serbia 2012”goalkeepers:Niklas Landin, BSV, 57 / 0Marcus Cleverly, KS Vive Kielce, 5 / 0Wingers:Lasse Svan Hansen, SG, 70/143Hans Lindberg, HSV Hamburg, 137/367Donald Eggert, SG, 78/279Lars Christiansen, KIF Kolding, 326/1475Line Players:Michael V. Knudsen, SG, 218/720René Toft Hansen, AG, Copenhagen, 38/69Back row player:Thomas Mogensen, SG, 73/185Mads Christiansen, Team Facts Holstebro, 39/86Nicholas Markussen, Atletico Madrid, 13/40Kasper Søndergaard Sarup, Skjern Handball, 92/220Mikkel Hansen, AG, Copenhagen, 69/332Kasper Nielsen, BSV, 163/286The following five players taken as EM reserves and participate in training camp towards the finals:Soren Rasmussen, SG, 37 / 0Lasse Boesen, KIF Kolding, 150/398Henrik Toft Hansen, AG, Copenhagen, 17/48Morten Olsen, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, 15/55Rasmussen Lauge Schmidt, BSV, 12/10 ← Previous Story Last 48 hours to vote for the World’s Player 2011: Heidi Loke is the new leader! Next Story → “Christmas Cup” in Slovakia: Hungary in good form