Report Verizon Wireless Sold 22 Million iPhones in Two Months

first_imgBack when the iPhone 4 launched on Verizon Wireless, people wondered whether or not it would sell well, considering we were likely months away from an iPhone 5. Then on launch day, reports of short lines and tepid response were metered against the fact that Apple and Verizon Wireless had stocked up in case demand was extremely heavy. Now, in Verizon’s Q1 financial report, the company revealed that they sold over 2.2 million iPhones in the first two months they were available, and added over 1.8 million new wireless customers to its list of subscribers. Not a bad showing at all. By contrast, AT&T announced that it activated 2.6 million new iPhones in the first quarter. Still, Since Verizon only got the iPhone in February, AT&T had a month or so headstart on the competition.  The real test will come when the iPhone 5 is unveiled: then we’ll have the opportunity to see how many AT&T customers are patiently waiting for the new model to switch carriers. [via All Things Digital]last_img