No Marios Sky rebrands after Nintendo shut down

first_imgWhen it comes to people making games inspired by existing properties, it is only a matter of time before the rights holders bring the hammer down on those projects. Nintendo in particular is notorious for killing off any and all fan-made projects. Just this year, the company shut down a Metroid II remake, as well as took down an archive that contained full issues of Nintendo Power magazine. Now? It has shut down a No Man’s Sky/Super Mario Bros mash-up. However, there is a twist to this tale.For those who may not know, last week saw the launch of No Mario’s Sky by a small team of developers. In the game, Mario boards a ship and travels to various planets to run around and stomp on indigenous wildlife. The game practically screamed to be taken down by Nintendo, so it came as no surprise when it was.However, that isn’t the end of the tale. No Mario’s Sky has been rebranded as DMCA’s Sky — a hilarious snub at Nintendo’s laywers. This rebranding now ensures that Nintendo can’t have the game shut down. The game’s description has been changed to the following: “Spaceman Finn search for Princess Mango in an infinite universe.” It also says: “Featuring crazy Moombas, An Infinite Universe, Muscle, Amazing Physics and a Radical Space Ship; DMCA’s Sky is the hackneyed remake-gone-mashup you’ve been craving.”The story surrounding No Mario’s Sky/DMCA’s Sky can be seen as a lesson for anyone looking to do a fan remake game. Perhaps instead of creating something that is directly tied to an existing IP, folks should create original titles that are inspired from a source material. This way, all the hard work that goes into creating a game isn’t in vain when the rights holders come knocking.You can download DMCA’s Sky here.last_img