January 17 2018This past week the Cosanti Founda

first_imgJanuary 17, 2018This past week, the Cosanti Foundation participated in the first Habitat Meeting of 2018. Organized by Planning Manager Kevin Pappa and Habitat Manager Scott Riley, the meeting was organized so that each department could explain their needs for the next 5 months and pitch the projects they’d like to see accomplished.Setting goals for the first half of 2018 for five different departments, managers and team leaders from each department were able to lay out each of their projects specifications. Speakers included Kevin – Planning Manager, Jona – Metalshop team leader, Scott – Habitat Manager, Joel – Construction Manager, and David – Construction team leader.The projects and goals set at this meeting will guide the work done by each department as well as the projects that the 2018 workshops will participant for the first half of this year.(photos by Rebecca Weeks, text by Shannon Mackenzie)last_img