Chinese city bans men from exposing their sweaty bellies

center_img Jinan has banned men from rolling up their shirts and baring their bellies to cool off.The Chinese city of Jinan is cracking down on the practice of men who roll their t-shirts up above their stomachs to help keep cool.The “Beijing bikini”, as it is often called, has been slammed as “uncivilised” by authorities, saying it is”seriously affecting the image of the city”.The cooling method is thought to be linked to traditional Chinese medicine, where exposing one’s midriff helps air out of the warm “chi” energy around the internal organs.The sight of old men with their shirts pulled up and their bellies on full display is common in China during the summer.The new law is being introduced as temperatures soar in parts of the country.Last week, Jinan, a city of around 8.7 million people, saw temperatures rise to 36C (96F).Authorities have also banned people taking off their shoes to air out feet.last_img