This short story will best show you what Croatia has done for tourism in Russia

first_imgI am NOT a supporter of the theory that sport is too big an ambassador and advertisement of a country in the world.Kudos to all the fantastic successes of Janica and Ivica Kostelic, Sandra Perkovic, Sara Kolak, Tina Srbic, water polo players and handball players. These are results that are sensational by all criteria and that have spread the name of Croatia around the world, but because of them no one decided to visit Croatia, or only a small number of people did.Football, however, is something completely different.I was walking towards the newsroom today when a guy pulled me by the arm in the middle of Držić’s. I was listening to music and at first I didn’t understand it, but when I took off the headphones I realized it wasn’t from here and needed help.”I’m sorry, I’m looking for this hostel,” he asked me in “Indian” English and showed me the address on his cell phone.Since the hostel was very close and in my direction I told him I would take him. Classic, he asked me if I was from here, I asked him where he was from. He told me that he was from India, from Kolkata, but that he had been working in Warsaw for several months and that he had never been to Croatia before.Just when he wanted to say something, a taxi driver with a hood covered with a Croatian flag passed in front of us. The Indian laughed.As a good host, I explained to him that Croatia is in the finals of the World Cup and that the whole country is in a collective delirium. There are days off, no eating and no sleeping and everyone is just talking about football and waiting for the game against France.He laughed again and patted me on the shoulder.”I know, my friend, that’s why I came,” he said with a laugh.”I pray?””Yes, I came from Warsaw for two days so that I could watch the match with the Croats. I read on the internet about the madness in Croatia and I had to see it first hand, when I couldn’t get tickets for the game. It’s going to be crazy, isn’t it? ” he asked me.I explained to him that the match would be watched on the Square and that the players would already have a spectacular welcome on Monday.“And yes? Oh, well then I stay another day. Thank you for your help and good luck “, he said with a greeting.He turned, raised his hand, and shouted,“My friend, don’t worry! Croatia! World Champions! ”He has never been to Croatia before. But he came when he saw what the Croats were doing at the World Cup.Published by: Stjepan Mati, Index.hrlast_img