first_imgHusband Scott Blom and the two youngest Blom children, Zach and Katilyn, were lost last week when their plane went down, apparently in Lake Clark. (Photo courtesy the Blom family)Boat operations have been suspended and aircraft grounded by bad weather with no more signs of a single-engine plane presumed to have crashed in southwest Alaska.Listen NowEfforts have stalled in Lake Clark as poor weather is preventing aircraft from continuing the search for the Piper PA-28 Cherokee.“We are dealing with persistent ice fog off of Lake Clark, and that is hampering the air search,” Megan Richotte, a spokeswoman with Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, said on Monday. “Alaska State Troopers arrived on Saturday, and they were able to fly with their helicopter less than an hour over the lake.”The plane left Port Alsworth at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday but never arrived in Anchorage.Authorities believe it went down in Lake Clark, killing the four on-board.Troopers did not see any new debris in the presumed vicinity of the crash.A boater found items Thursday belonging to occupants on the plane, and on Friday the co-pilot seat and all three wheels were found on the lake, about 11 miles northeast of Port Alsworth.Presumed dead in the crash are pilot Kyle Longerbeam, 25, passengers Scott Blom, 45, Kaitlyn Blom, 14, and Zach Blom, 13.Searchers have been grounded since the trooper flight Saturday, Richotte said.“No one, community members or park aircraft, have been able to fly yesterday or today,” Richotte said.She said the bay around Port Alsworth is frozen, so searching by boat had been limited to 18-foot Lunds. On Saturday the park service suspended boat operations because of the cold temperatures and ice fog.Fundraising efforts for travel and funeral expenses for the two families involved collected more than $30,000 in donations this weekend.last_img

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first_img This is the only detachable mobile workstation that can be configured with a 4K UHD DreamColor, 4,096-level Wacom EMR pressure-sensitive display. A workstation Nvidia Quadro GPU means it can run certified applications. Plus, it doesn’t skimp on connections.The only serious portability competitor the ZBook really has is the Wacom MobileStudio Pro, which is much heavier. So if you can “suffer” with a “paltry” 4,096 levels of sensitivity (compared with the Wacom’s 8,192 levels) and slightly slower performance, the ZBook model is much better all around for portability. It has a great design, including a comfortable detachable keyboard that automatically reconnects via Bluetooth when you remove it. The matte display covers 100% of the Adobe RGB gamut and does so with excellent accuracy and built-in profiles. Plus, the chemically etched display adds a little more friction, making the stylus feel more precise and natural compared to the typical glossy surface.Drawbacks: You’re limited to the one, single-button stylus so it’s no good for many 3D professional graphic designers. If you can’t compensate by reprogramming the QuicKeys on the sides of the tablet, this model might not work for you. Plus, it’s relatively heavy, and while the battery life is good for its components, it won’t get you through the day.As for color, the 8-bit+FRC (10-bit simulation) display only covers about 70% of the P3 gamut. Also people have complained about light leakage at the edges of the display. Sarah Tew/CNET With the Surface Studio, you’re paying for flexibility: the big, 28-inch broad-gamut touchscreen display that you can lay flat for different viewing angles and draw on with a pressure-sensitive stylus. The Microsoft Dial’s an extra perk if you like a fourth input device when you work (in addition to mouse, keyboard and stylus). The system was updated in 2018 with discrete graphics, to a GeForce GTX graphics card, the 1070.Drawbacks: Pressure-sensitive stylus technology has evolved in the past couple years, and it still only offers last-generation Nvidia GPUs and relatively slow mobile CPUs. It’s very expensive for that, especially given that this generation is an investment. Plus, Microsoft has intimated that it plans to release the display as a standalone in 2019, which means you could attach it to a more powerful system. $674 OLED displays have a combination of color gamut (100% P3) and contrast that IPS panels are struggling to match, but need calibration to keep your colors from chaos. The 15-inch Razer Blade is sleek and powerful — it’s got all the Nvidia Studio specs, just lacks the logo, and you can download the more creative-application-focused Studio driver yourself.  After a quick calibration with an i1Display Pro, the Razer nailed the white point and grayscale tracking, the keys to getting proper color. Plus, they’re solidly built, well-designed laptops that perform well. Drawbacks: Razer gear is always expensive, and the 4K display kills the battery life; it lasted just under 3 hours in our testing. That’s one area in which the excellent IPS displays, like the MacBook’s, has an advantage over OLED.(You’ll have to configure it yourself, but if you select the RTX 2080 Max-Q option the OLED display appears as a choice.) Best Buy Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Razer Blade 15 Advanced OLED Apple iPad Pro 2018 $3,299 at Razer For 3D design and coding Comments See It Laptops Tablets Desktops News • Get an 11-inch iPad Pro for $650 (save $150) Sarah Tew/CNET The Surface Pro 6 offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and runs full Windows 10, plus it supports the Microsoft Dial, which can substitute some functions when you don’t have access to the keyboard for your shortcuts. There’s also an option to use the sRGB color space instead of the default make-colors-pop setting. And it boasts better battery performance that previous models.If you plan to use it for painting rather than sketching, don’t skimp on the processor when you buy. Go full Intel Core i7 to get the better CPU and more storage if you can afford it. Complex brushes, color mixing and textures can slow you down if you don’t have enough processor power. Configurations vary in pricing depending on memory and storage.Drawbacks: At 12.3 inches, it’s portable but small, especially if you want to use the Dial. It can also get expensive, and you’ll have to pay extra for the pen, Dial and keyboard.It’s a bit low on ports, too — if you need to present your work, you may need a dongle for HDMI, though there’s a mini DisplayPort to connect to a monitor, and it lacks USB-C.  See It $3,300 at Amazon Read Razer Blade 15 Advanced review Now playing: Watch this: Sarah Tew/CNET A big 17-inch screen with an 8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 in a slim Max-Q design, this is a powerful system that weighs less than six pounds — and since Nvidia hasn’t released any mobile Quadro RTX chips yet, the gaming-oriented GeForce GPUs are your only option for portable cutting-edge graphics. Unless you settle for less power on the road and plug into an external GPU at the office. Asus’ is one of the fastest of the Max-Q 17-inch models we’ve tested. If you don’t need the GPU power as much as the CPU and screen size, you can drop to the RTX 2060 configuration and save some money.Drawbacks: It’s expensive, heavier than some of the competition, and there’s no Core i9 configuration option, which means you’re gaining better real-time operational fluidity by sacrificing rendering speed. Because it’s the consumer GPU, you may not be able to take advantage of some advanced features that are limited to workstation GPUs in 3D software and no 10-bit color in graphics applications. The battery life isn’t great and the touchpad is in an odd position on the right side. Read iPad Pro review Read Microsoft Surface Studio review Preview • Apple’s newest iPad Pros hands-on: The iPad X we expected HP ZBook x2 Apple For artists on Windows As long as you’re OK with tablet apps rather than desktop applications and don’t need the flexibility of a full operating system, the iPad Pro has the power and battery life for a lot of the sketching, photo and video-editing capabilities you need. It can also feed into desktop apps for the rest.It has a great Retina display for color work, and a fine-feeling pencil for sketching. Apple improved the design over earlier models as well, letting you wirelessly charge the Apple Pencil just by attaching it through a magnetic strip on the tablet for longer battery life. It also swapped the Lightning connector for a more flexible USB-C version. I wish the Pencil had an option for a softer nib, but it seems to be good enough for a lot of people.Apple recently announced that it was splitting the operating systems for the iPhone and iPad with the next version, scheduled for the fall; at that time the iPad Pro will get iPadOS, which introduces capabilities that will make it a lot more useful for creative work. These include a file system which will support the ability to connect to cameras (and thumb drives) for browsing and downloading and the ability to use the iPad as a second screen via Sidecar — a screen with Apple Pencil support.Drawbacks: The Pencil 2 and keyboard add to the cost of what’s already a fairly expensive proposition. The company’s new iPad Air, which has similar chops to the original iPad Pro and supports the original Apple Pencil but is faster and starts at $499, may be an attractive — and cheaper — alternative. You may not be able to use some of the iPadOS features, though, because it has a Lightning, not a USB-C connector. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review • iPad Pro 2018 review: A powerful, beautiful tablet that needs a software overhaul See it $3,499 at Microsoft Store A convertible version of the also-excellent XPS 15, the two-in-one offers the same great display but adds tablet flexibility you might want for drawing and sketching as well as the convenience of flipping the screen for presenting to clients. The 4K display is gorgeous but will quickly drain your battery.The Precision 5530 is the workstation equivalent, with the same excellent display options and design, but incorporating better security and more powerful options, including a Core i9 or Xeon CPU and up to 32GB RAM. The Radeon Vega WX GL graphics aren’t very powerful, but they are workstation-class and it has a 4K, broad-gamut and color-accurate touchscreen display. Drawbacks: The 5530 doesn’t support ECC memory. Aug 31 • Apple iPhone 11 launches Sept. 10, Disney Plus in big demand Sarah Tew/CNET CNET may get a commission from retail offers. • Apple Sarah Tew/CNET See at HP $1,215 at Walmart $799 5:40 Originally published earlier this year. Updated to reflect new products. For designers Mobile workstation for illustration For photo- and SDR video editing For art and design Mac Pro: Everything you need to know Amazon Sarah Tew/CNET Dell XPS 15 2-in-1/Dell Precision 5530 Read Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review See It $674 Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier See All reading • Best laptops, desktops and tablets for designers and creatives in 2019 Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. See at Dell For artists and photographers Mentioned Above Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Silver, 64GB, 2018) Are you baffled by the multitude of laptop, desktop and tablet options being hurled at you as a generic “creative” or “creator?” Marketing materials rarely distinguish among the widely varying needs for different pursuits. Photo editing? You need a laptop or tablet with a powerful CPU, color-accurate screen and can settle for a midrange graphics processor. For sketching, painting and illustration you want the same, but with a little more oomph in your GPU and likely good stylus support. And for video editing and 3D rendering, you’ll want to pull the stops out for everything you can afford. With these criteria and more in mind, I’ve culled recommendations from products we’ve tested that stand out for performance, design and features appropriate to specific types of tasks.I’ve finally had a chance to check out some OLED laptop displays, and they’re as color-accurate as they’re reputed to be — as long as you calibrate them yourself. For instance, only one came with a factory-calibrated monitor. They still have weak areas — they’re not as accurate at the supersaturated areas of the gamut, which may affect you if you do game design or CGI work — but they’re quite something. Then there’s Nvidia’s new “Nvidia RTX Studio” program. The new initiative is a partnership with laptop retailers to ensure that logo’d systems meet a certain minimum level of specifications for creative work: A GeForce or RTX GPU, Core i7 H series CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and a 1080p screen. But I haven’t seen any of these systems yet, so it’s unclear how far the manufacturers are going to improve on these rather low-bar requirements. However, at the same time, Nvidia delivered new drivers which finally opened up true 30-bit color in Photoshop and other Adobe apps to GeForce cards. Woo hoo! Note CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of products featured on this page.  Other developments to take into consideration include:  Apple’s big reveal of its shiny new Mac Pro and wowza Pro Display XDR monitor (with its $1,000 stand). They’re slated to ship in the fall, but I suspect their release will slip to later in the year. If you’re asking yourself, “Should I delay buying until the Mac Pro is available?” my preliminary answer (given that we know nothing about the pricing beyond the base configuration) is “no” for most people. For heavy-duty video editing and a big budget, you might want to wait. But expect to pay more than the $6,000 base configuration, because that comes with a Radeon Pro 580X card, a baffling inclusion in a such an expensive system. It has the same graphics that are in the iMac (not even the iMac Pro) and likely there just because Xeons lack integrated graphics. Plus, the base configuration only has a 256GB SSD, which is barely enough to install Adobe Creative Cloud (an exaggeration, but you get the point).Laptops with Intel’s H-series ninth-gen Core processor are also available now, so you don’t necessarily need a 10-pound luggable to get fast laptop performance. While Intel’s Ice Lake chipsets with integrated Thunderbolt 3 and updated integrated graphics are coming later this year, we don’t yet know when they’ll make their way into higher-end systems. And thus far they’re targeted at lightweight, long battery life models, anyway.There are so many variations of the performance mix individuals need for power-hungry applications, so it’s not only hard to limit suggestions to a handful of certain specs, it’s even harder to recommend specific configurations for each. (And note that I’ve got no budget picks here, but will probably add them in a future update.) So here are a few rules of thumb that should help you make your decisions: Check your software requirements. Some applications require workstation-class components, such as Nvidia Quadro chips rather than GeForce, to access some advanced features. For example, Adobe Photoshop doesn’t support 10-bit color without one (you may think you’ve switched it on but it’s not operational). Unfortunately, that also increases the price.Base the specs on the application you spend the most time in. If your budget demands that you make performance trade-offs, you need to know what to throw more money at. Since every application is different, you can’t generalize to the level of “video-editing uses CPU cores more than GPU acceleration,” though a big, fast SSD is probably a good idea.For desktops, think about going boutique. If you’re not a victim of corporate purchasing standards, getting a custom-built system with longer battery life may be the way to go, though expect to pay a premium. Companies like Falcon Northwest, Origin PC, Digital Storm and Maingear, for instance, are known for their gaming desktops but they build workstations as well. They also offer processors and graphics cards you generally can’t find from more mass-market manufacturers, such as an 18-core Core i9, 32-core AMD Threadripper or Nvidia Titan RTX. Plus, they’ll overclock those parts for you. Some also personalize the cases with custom artwork which should appeal to your artistic sensibility, help you decide what components you’ll need for the software you run and provide more personalized tech support.If you do color-critical work, focus on buying a laptop with hardware calibration. A display that supports color profiles stored in hardware, like HP’s Dreamcolor models, will allow for more consistent color when you use multiple calibrated monitors. They also tend to be better, as calibration requires a tighter color error level than usual. You usually need to step up to a mobile workstation for this type of capability; you can use hardware calibrators such as the X-Rite i1Display Pro to generate software profiles, but they’re more difficult to work with when matching colors across multiple connected monitors. This is true for even the new gaming-systems-cooked-for-creatives such as Acer’s Concept D line.     Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Sarah Tew/CNET $747 iPad Pro Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Read Zephyrus S GX701 review Read Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 review Read HP ZBook x2 review Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 Share your voice $674 at Walmart Tags 4 Acer Adobe Asus Bluetooth Dell HP Intel Microsoft Nvidia Razer Apple Wacomlast_img

first_imgpple’s new iPhone 8 (R) and 8 Plus are seen after they go on sale at the Apple Store in Tokyo’s Omotesando shopping district, Japan, September 22, 2017.REUTERS/Issei KatoUS-based technology giant Apple is planning to tap digital payments business in India, and may launch its in-house Apple Pay service in the near future.With this move, the iPhone maker plans to expand its footprint in the country, Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice-president told Mint in an exclusive interview.”Our head of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, is here with me. And Apple Pay is something that we definitely want in India. The challenge with payment mechanisms is that there isn’t really a lot of global scale. You deal with individual markets at a time… but India is one of those markets where we hope to bring Apple Pay to,” Cue told the business daily. However, the Apple veteran has not given any specific date about the launch.Rather than building a new payments solution from scratch, Cue hinted that to launch Apple Pay in India, it will look for local players to partner and integrate its payment service.”You have some great payment mechanisms today and we will leverage all of that in doing this. That’s one of the advantages that we have with Apple Pay—Apple Pay isn’t trying to come up with a brand new payment vehicle, so the fact that people like Paytm are doing well here is great. The fact that credit cards are doing well here is great. We just need to integrate with the popular ones and make the service available,” the business daily quoted the VP as saying.In February this year, the government of Karnataka had announced Apple’s proposal to start manufacturing operations in Bengaluru. Following this, the company has already started initial production of its iPhone SE model in Bengaluru, Mint reported.”At the Apple level, India is an incredible opportunity… because what we’re seeing is huge advancements in digitization, bypassing older technologies to newer technologies and we think that we have a really great product that can help move things even faster. And that’s the reason I’m here, that’s the reason (CEO) Tim (Cook) came here before. That’s the reason why Tim will be back and I will be back. We view this as a very long-term opportunity but with very short-term gains that we can have here,” added Cue.last_img

first_imgBearded man with IS leader al-Baghdadi`s appearance speaks in this screen grab taken from video. Photo: ReutersUS forces have quietly sent at least 30 suspected foreign Islamic State fighters captured in Syria last year and in late 2017 to stand trial in Iraq, interviews with the men, Iraqi sources and court documents show.Three of the men have been convicted of IS membership and sentenced to death by Iraqi courts, while five have been given life sentences. Four of them told Reuters they were tortured in prison, a claim Reuters was unable to verify.Iraq’s Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) denied that detainees were transferred to their custody from Syria in 2017 and 2018, and denied the detainees’ claims of torture.While the fate of thousands of IS fighters captured in Syria remains unresolved, the roughly 30 suspected foreign jihadists were transferred to Iraq in 2017 and 2018 after they were captured by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), according to Iraqi court files, US detention records, intelligence and judicial sources as well as people familiar with the matter.The US military’s Central Command, which oversees US forces in the Middle East, declined to comment on Reuters’ findings, but acknowledged the challenges posed by detainees captured by Kurdish militias, whose authority is not internationally recognised”The issue of foreign terrorist fighters in SDF custody in Syria is an extremely complex problem,” spokesman Captain Bill Urban said.The United States wants countries to take responsibility for their foreign fighters through “prosecution, rehabilitation programmes, or other measures that sufficiently prevent detainees from re-engaging in terrorism”, he said.”We remain engaged with a wide range of international partners to ensure that these foreign terrorist fighters never threaten anyone again.”Eight men convicted for their role in IS – from Belgium, France, Germany, Australia, Egypt and Morocco – were interviewed by Reuters during their appearances in Iraqi courts.They said that after being captured in Syria by US-backed SDF forces they were interrogated about their roles in Islamic State by the SDF and US forces. They said they were then held, mostly in solitary confinement, at US military bases in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region or in Jordan before being handed into Iraqi custody.The SDF declined to comment on the question of prisoner transfers, referring Reuters to Iraqi authorities. The SDF has said it wants to get rid of foreign fighters because it is not in a position to put them on trial.Human RightsUS President Donald Trump is pressing European nations to take back their nationals from among more than 2,000 suspected foreign fighters captured during the final battles to destroy the group’s self-declared caliphate in Syria earlier this year.The US and European allies have held talks with Baghdad on a possible bulk transfer of prisoners from Syria to be prosecuted in Iraq since the start of the year, Western diplomats, Iraqi and US officials say.While there is no common European policy on how to handle detained foreign fighters from Europe, Iraq has shown it is willing to prosecute.Prisoner transfers are not prohibited under international law if they come with human rights guarantees, but that applies to transfers between states – not a non-state actor such as the SDF.”The sub-contraction of trials … to an ill-resourced, under-funded, ill-equipped criminal justice system in Iraq can only be described as an abrogation of responsibility,” said Fionnuala Ni Aolain, UN special rapporteur for human rights while countering terrorism.Iraqi judicial officials did not respond to requests for comment.But some prisoners have already been sent to Iraq.An Iraqi military intelligence source said foreign IS detainees had been handed over by the SDF to US forces in 2017 and 2018 inside Syrian territory, and were transported by air to Iraq.Among them is Belgian Bilal al-Marchohi, 23, who was sentenced to death on March 18. A spokesman for Belgium’s prime minister declined to comment on his case, but a consular official was present at his trial.Marchohi said he was shuttled between multiple facilities in Syria before being taken to Iraq. He was held by the SDF in a house and a former school, then moved to a facility “where there were only Americans” and next flown – blindfolded and bound – by helicopter to another site. Marchohi said he was kept in solitary confinement, under constant bright lights with few toilet breaks.”The Americans threatened me, my wife and kids,” he said. “They said, ‘we can put a bullet between your two eyes.'”He said he signed a blank confession, which was later filled out by Iraqi authorities to detail his activities in Syria. It appeared to have been changed later to show he was arrested in Iraq, according to his court file, seen by Reuters. In the court file, there is also a reference to his detention by the US military for two months at base in Iraq.The other seven suspected fighters who spoke to Reuters in Iraq said they were also arrested by the SDF, or by the SDF and US forces, in Syria and then held in US detention.Foreign militants like Marchohi – who served in the IS religious police, according to court documents – held elite status within IS ranks. At their trials, judges described the men as battle-tested fighters.German Levent Ozgurt, 24, said he was detained near Aleppo in Syria by the SDF in November 2017 and also flown by helicopter to a US base in northern Iraq, where he was held in solitary confinement.The German foreign ministry said it had no evidence of his transfer from Syria to Iraq.Marchohi and Ozgurt said they were told by US forces that they would be repatriated when their interrogations ended.Instead, they were handed to Iraq’s Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), which they said beat them, held them in stress positions and gave them electric shocks via cattleprods to their genitals.Marchohi showed Reuters scarring he said was from beatings and electric shocks. Ozgurt showed Reuters similar marks on his back at a court appearance where he was sentenced to death on Dec. 4. Germany’s ambassador to Baghdad was present at the trial.The eight detainees also told Reuters confessions used to prosecute them were falsified. Six said they were coerced into thumbprinting the typewritten confessions through torture. Iraqi authorities denied the claims.CTS spokesperson Sabah al-Naaman said any claims that detainees were transferred to their custody from Syria in 2017 and 2018 were untrue, and denied they had been tortured.”IS members know how to tell lies to mislead judges in order to evade prosecutions,” Naaman said.last_img

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