first_imgTORONTO – Doug Ford was the main target in the first debate ahead of Ontario’s provincial election, with his rivals suggesting Monday that the Progressive Conservative leader, who is leading in the polls, would slash jobs and shrink services if elected premier.Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath spent much of their time warning about what a Tory government would bring, while Ford hammered home his key messages of finding “efficiencies” and “respecting the taxpayers.”The race officially begins Wednesday, but the debate set the stage for the campaign and provided the leaders of the three major parties an opportunity to test drive their slogans.When both Horwath and Wynne used their questions during a leader-to-leader portion to ask Ford exactly what he would cut, the Tory leader repeated his key phrases.“The other Conservative leaders, Mr. (Tim) Hudak, Mr. (Mike) Harris — they were very upfront about what their cuts are going to look like,” Horwath told Ford.“Why don’t you have the guts to tell people what your cuts are going to look like? What is in store for the people of Ontario?”Ford didn’t provide specifics, though he has promised to cut four per cent from the budget.“I’m going to make sure we run a government that respects the taxpayers,” Ford said during his closing remarks. “You know me. I’m for the little guy.”Horwath repeated that voters “don’t have to choose between bad and worse,” several times stepping back when Wynne and Ford began to spar, attempting to set herself apart from them.Wynne said the election features “some pretty stark choices,” between what she calls her plan for care and Ford’s plan for cuts.The premier also suggested that Ford’s plan to find “efficiencies” really means firing nurses and teachers — harkening back to the Liberals’ warnings about former Tory leader Tim Hudak’s 2014 proposal to cut 100,000 public sector jobs.“Not one single person is getting laid off under our administration,” Ford vowed. “I love the nurses. I love the teachers. I’m going to support them 100 per cent.”“Yeah, but you’re going to cut their jobs,” Wynne shot back.Wynne also tangled with Ford over the placement of LCBO-run cannabis stores. In some cases, Ford said Wynne’s government placed them too close to schools, which the premier denied.“You have to look at the evidence, you have to look at what the experts say, you can’t just have a slogan that then becomes a policy,” she said. “That’s not how it works.”Ford also used the debate to announce that he would commit $5 billion more than what has already been allocated to build a regional transportation system in the Toronto area, including subways, relief lines, and two-way GO Transit to Niagara Falls.After the debate Ford told reporters the plan would also upload the TTC’s subway system to the province.Cristine de Clercy, associate political science professor at Western University, said Ford performed well given that this was his first debate against two more experienced leaders.He didn’t make any major mistakes and also announced his transit funding commitment but did little else to offer up details on his plan.“Mr. Ford spent most of his time on the defensive,” she said. “He didn’t layout his plan…and if you were looking for those answers it wasn’t a very satisfying debate.”De Clercy said Ford’s pledge not to layoff any public sector workers while cutting four per cent of the provincial budget could come back to haunt him, as both Wynne and Horwath effectively communicated, she said.“I think he’s really put himself in a box there,” she said.De Clercy said Horwath also performed well, staying upbeat and asking tough questions.Barry Kay, a political science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, said given Ford’s position as front-runner in the polls he appears to have taken a low-risk approach to the debate. The Tory leader said little to get himself in trouble but at times looked out of place, he said.“He didn’t seem comfortable,” Kay said. “He was the least impressive in terms of style. He’s trying to make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes.”Kay said Wynne did a capable job of engaging both Ford and Horwath on policy, but it may not matter in the eyes of voters.“She came across as very knowledgeable but frankly, I don’t think it matters,” he said. “She needs one of the other leaders to make a mistake to win.”The Ontario election takes place June 7.last_img read more

first_imgOTTAWA — Garth Webb was a 25-year-old lieutenant when he landed on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, one of thousands of Canadian soldiers to take part in the greatest amphibious landing in military history and the turning point in the Second World War.When Webb joined other veterans in commemorating that pivotal event five decades later, he was struck by the lack of a tangible reminder of the sacrifices that he and the rest of the Canadians made on D-Day — and he set out to build a centre dedicated to that purpose.The Juno Beach Centre in Courseulles-sur-Mers, France, was the result of that effort, and while Webb died in May 2012 at the age of 93, the centre remains as a tribute not only to his perseverance, but that of all Canadians during the Second World War.Some 15 years after it opened, however, the Juno Beach Centre is starting to feel the pinch, which is putting its immediate and long-term operations under pressure, if not at risk.“We are just at the covering-costs phase right now,” said Mike Bechthold, executive director of the Juno Beach Centre Association.“And if things continue unchanged, the cash reserves of the organization are going to be gone in three years — maybe less, because we’re having to fund that operational shortfall.”The Juno Beach Centre was officially opened in 2003 after years of fundraising by Webb and other veterans and volunteers, including donations from the federal government and Walmart Canada, both of which continued to provide financial support over the next decade.About 1.1 million visitors have been to the museum, while the not-for-profit association behind it has hosted groups of Canadian teachers and students in France and organized exhibits and other activities at home to raise awareness of Canada’s Second World War history.Walmart, which between 2009 and 2013 had contributed an average of $660,000 to the centre and the association, officially ended its support in 2015.And while the federal government recently renewed its annual $500,000 contribution for the next five years to help with the museum’s operations, which Bechthold said was welcome, Ottawa’s contribution has remained the same for 16 years — even as expenses have gone up.“Inflation is certainly part of it,” he said of the rising costs. “One thing that people don’t generally think about is the security environment has changed considerably since 2003, and now there are significant new costs that we have to deal with every year for security.”Last year, the centre and association posted a $236,000 loss. One reason was the costs associated with a fundraising campaign that Bechthold admitted fell far short of its goals, thanks in part to donor fatigue from the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in 2017.Yet the Juno Beach Centre Association also posted weak financial returns in 2017, and there are fears their new normal will endanger the organization’s different projects, such as a teacher-training program and the centre’s overall renewal.“The museum is getting to that point in its lifecycle where it’s time to revisit some of the exhibits,” said Bechthold. “Things need to be overhauled, renewed and changed.”One example is the Canada Room, the last room in the museum, which is intended to tell the story of Canada today, 75 years after D-Day. The room, Bechthold said, is “tired” and in desperate need of a $750,000 upgrade the museum can’t afford.“We’ve drawn up everything, we’ve gone as far as contracting a museum-services company to get the thing done, but we don’t have the money to make it happen.”The federal government does have a special fund to help museums and organizations commemorate Canada’s military history, but it only covers commemorations on Canadian soil, which means the Juno Beach Centre does not qualify.— Follow @leeberthiaume on Twitter.Lee Berthiaume, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

first_imgAPTN National News OTTAWA–The Conservative MPs on the House of Commons special committee on violence against Indigenous women refused to add calls for a public inquiry as part of the main recommendations in the committee’s report tabled Friday in Parliament.The committee’s main recommendations, which were essentially those of Conservative MPs on the committee, generally reflected the Harper government’s current policy on the issue.There are an estimated 800 murdered and missing Indigenous women across the country.The report included the dissenting opinions of the NDP and Liberals MPs on the committee who both recommended the government to call a public inquiry and issued a separate set of recommendations. The NDP and Liberals also recommended the government develop a national action plan to combat violence against Indigenous women.“It is appalling that after hearing witness after witness testify that much more needs to be done on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, the Conservatives could produce a sanitized report saying that everything is fine,” said NDP Aboriginal affairs critic Jean Crowder.“That this report only contains recommendations approved by the government, and does not reflect the testimony of witnesses, is in flagrant disregard of Parliamentary principles,” said Liberal Aboriginal affairs critic Carolyn Bennett.Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) president Michelle Audette said the report marked a “sad day for the families.”Audette said Indigenous women needed concrete action from Ottawa.“Look how much they spend for nothing when we are dying on the streets,” said Audette.Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo said he would be meeting with NWAC, the Metis National Council and the inuit Tapiriit Kanatami to discuss what to do to up pressure on the issue.“This report is disappointing to Indigenous women and girls and all Canadians who stand with us,” said Atleo.According to the evidence heard by the committee, 70 per cent of disappearances and 60 per cent of murders of Indigenous women happen in urban centres. The committee heard that over 87 per cent of these women were mothers of at least one child, according to data provided by NWAC.NWAC also told the committee that of the over 582 cases they’ve tallied, 39 per cent occurred after 2000 and 17 per cent in the 1990s. NWAC also found that half of the cases remain unsolved. The Canadian average for homicide investigation is a 75 per cent solve rate.Indigenous women are also far more likely to be murdered than non-Indigenous women. Between 2004 and 2011, Indigenous women accounted for 8 per cent of murders while being only 4 per cent of the total population of women.Indigenous women are also more likely to be attacked by a stranger than non-Indigenous women, the committee heard.Indigenous women are also more likely to face violence in domestic situations. According to the 2009 General Social Survey, indigenous women face twice the rate of domestic violence than the general population.While the Conservative MP’s recommendations in the report called on Ottawa to work with provinces, territories and municipalities to create “public awareness and prevention” campaigns in its first recommendation, the four that followed simply mirrored already announced initiatives by the federal government.The committee called on the government to “strengthen the criminal justice system” so “violent and repeat offenders serve appropriate sentences.” It recommended the Harper government “maintain its commitment to develop the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights” and implement a national DNA missing persons index, which was announced in the most recent budget.The committee also recommended Ottawa support on-reserve K-12 education, which was recently the subject of joint federal government-Assembly of First Nations announcement.The committee stopped short of calling for funding for women’s shelters and front-line services on reserve, but instead called on Ottawa to “engage First nation communities to examine how to improve” them.APTN National News reported Thursday that an Iqaluit woman was murdered by her partner shortly before she was turned away by a shelter because it had no more room.The committee recommended Ottawa address poverty as a root cause of violence against Indigenous women by providing economic development and job skills training. It also called on the federal government to ensure territorial and First Nation childcare agencies have “effective and accountable service delivery.”Ottawa is currently facing a human rights complaint alleging it underfunds on reserve child and family services compared to the provinces.The committee recommended the federal government work with municipal, provincial and territorial governments to collect police data on violence against Indigenous women that “includes an ethnicity variable.”The RCMP is already collective missing and murdered case data from police forces across the country but it is not specific to First Nations, Metis and Inuit women.The Native Women’s Association of Canada has already dismissed the work of the committee.Amnesty International said in a statement that the report failed Indigenous women.Prime Minister Stephen Harper is personally against calling an inquiry and has relayed his views to AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo. read more

first_imgInFocus on APTN National News:Taxation and First NationsIn this edition we put Perspectives on Taxation InFocus.Point of sale tax exemption has changed over the years.Our guests give their take on why the exemption is not honoured across the country.We also talk about what the self-governing Westbank First Nation in B.C. is doing with their annual multi-million dollar property tax base.last_img

first_imgThe Manitoba RCMP have completed their search of the area where the two male bodies were discovered, approximately 8 km from where Leonard Dyck’s burnt RAV4 was located on July 22, 2019.Investigators are now assessing all items located in Manitoba, along with the previous findings related to the three northern BC homicide investigations, in order to gain more clarity into what happened to Leonard Dyck, Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese. The assessment will review all the investigative findings to date, whether it is statements, evidentiary timelines, physical or digital evidence, and the BC RCMP have also have engaged our Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU).The BC RCMP commits that once we have completed that review within the next few weeks, we will be providing the families with an update with respect to the totality of the investigations and then releasing the information publicly.MORE ON THE SEARCHOn August 2, 2019, RCMP located several items on the shoreline, approximately 9 km from where the burnt vehicle was located. RCMP have confirmed that these items are directly linked to the suspects. That same day, a damaged boat was also found along the Nelson River.  The bodies of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky were found on August 7, 2019.The pair were last seen on July 22 near Gillam Manitoba.  The RCMP announced they would scale back the search for Schmegelsky and McLeod in Northern Manitoba on July 31.The pair are wanted in connection with three homicides in Northern B.C. that all occurred during the week of July 15, 2019.  The bodies of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese were discovered south of the Liard River Hotspring on July 15.  The body of Leonard Dyck was found on July 19 north of Dease Lake.  Kam McLeod and Bryer Schemeglsky were originally considering missing after their vehicle was found near Dease Lake.  On July 23, 2019, the RCMP in B.C. announced the pair were now considered suspects in the deaths of Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese and Leonard Dyck. SURREY, B.C. – The RCMP have confirmed that Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky died from what appears to be suicide by gunfire.While both individuals were deceased for a number of days before they were found. The exact time and date of their deaths are not known, however, there are strong indications that they had been alive for a few days since they were last seen on July 22, 2019 and while the RCMP searched the Gillam area.Police can also confirm that two firearms were also located with the two deceased males, and forensic analysis is underway to definitively confirm that these weapons are connected with the northern B.C. homicide investigations.last_img read more

Former Economic Affairs Minister Basil Rajapaksa has been granted approval by the Colombo High Court to travel overseas to obtain medical treatment.Rajapaksa was granted approval to travel overseas when the case related to the alleged misappropriation of Government funds of the Divi Neguma Development Department, was heard today. Basil Rajapaksa has been accused of misappropriating Rs. 36.5 million in Government funds when he was the Economic Affairs Minister. (Colombo Gazette)

Bo SpellerbergDanish handball squadUlrik Wilibek There is no secret anymore. Danish NT coach, Ulrik Wilbek announced squad of 14 players and five reserves for the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia.  The biggest surprise is nomination for the second goalkeeper, where is Marcus Cleverly from Vive Targi Kielce. Obviously, Wilbek is preparing for the match against Poland in the Preliminary Round.Denmark has problem with Jesper Noddesbo and Bo Spellerberg. Line player of F.C Barcelona has problem with discus hernia, but still is possible to see him in Serbia. Spellerberg got groin strain injury in the last match for his KIF Kolding and probably won’t be able to help his team-mates in the action “Serbia 2012”goalkeepers:Niklas Landin, BSV, 57 / 0Marcus Cleverly, KS Vive Kielce, 5 / 0Wingers:Lasse Svan Hansen, SG, 70/143Hans Lindberg, HSV Hamburg, 137/367Donald Eggert, SG, 78/279Lars Christiansen, KIF Kolding, 326/1475Line Players:Michael V. Knudsen, SG, 218/720René Toft Hansen, AG, Copenhagen, 38/69Back row player:Thomas Mogensen, SG, 73/185Mads Christiansen, Team Facts Holstebro, 39/86Nicholas Markussen, Atletico Madrid, 13/40Kasper Søndergaard Sarup, Skjern Handball, 92/220Mikkel Hansen, AG, Copenhagen, 69/332Kasper Nielsen, BSV, 163/286The following five players taken as EM reserves and participate in training camp towards the finals:Soren Rasmussen, SG, 37 / 0Lasse Boesen, KIF Kolding, 150/398Henrik Toft Hansen, AG, Copenhagen, 17/48Morten Olsen, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, 15/55Rasmussen Lauge Schmidt, BSV, 12/10 ← Previous Story Last 48 hours to vote for the World’s Player 2011: Heidi Loke is the new leader! Next Story → “Christmas Cup” in Slovakia: Hungary in good form read more

first_imgQUESTION OF THE DAYIs it wise for the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs to read indictments on air?This is not the conventional approach and the new government should not resort to unconventional means of governing. It has promised to govern in accordance with the rule of law.This principle requires judicial matters to be handled by the judiciary. Under normal circumstances information is leaked to the press by government officials instead of taking raw information and interprets it for public consumption. Such a method frees authorities from the posture of judges and prosecutors.last_img

first_imgTraffic heading toward Mexico to be rerouted as new construction begins at the border Updated: 7:07 PM January 22, 2018 KUSI Newsroom Posted: January 22, 2018center_img KUSI Newsroom, SAN YSIDRO (KUSI) — Traffic heading south on Interstate 5 toward the Mexican inspection station will be rerouted to a newly constructed roadway beginning Thursday as part of ongoing construction at the border.The transition from the existing portion of the 5 Freeway south of Camino De La Plaza and the pedestrian bridge to the realigned segment will begin during non-peak hours and will be completed one lane at a time beginning Thursday at 7 p.m. The new roadway will be in full use by Friday at 7 a.m., according to the General Services Administration.There will be a minimum of three lanes open during the 12-hour period.Travelers are urged to observe signage and reduce their speed as they approach the construction area.The new, temporary segment of the 5 Freeway will be open for 21 months while crews work to complete the permanent and expanded freeway. Once the project is complete in fall 2019, I-5 will feature 10 southbound lanes and inspection booths at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to the GSA.Meantime, the I-5 south onramp at the intersection of Caminoes Way and Camino De La Plaza will be closed for seven hours beginning on Thursday at 10 p.m. Traffic will be detoured to Dairy Mart Road, according to the GSA. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

first_img April 3, 2019 Summer Camps at Arts District Liberty Station 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Starting in May, classes and workshops presented by 13 professional arts organizations throughout the creative campus at San Diego’s growing ARTS DISTRICT are ideal for families looking for creative experiences for their children ages 4–17.This year the Summer Camp Sign-up Fair is on Sunday, April 7 from 12 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the North Promenade 2875 Dewey Rd. Enjoy a fun filled afternoon with signature ARTS DISTRICT Summer Camp providers. Meet teachers, learn about camps, see performances and sign up for camp before you miss out! Learn MoreFor more information click here. Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: April 3, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

first_imgThe indefinite postponement of a proposal to expand mining zones in Clark County is raising eyebrows among concerned neighbors, who are questioning the Clark County commissioners’ decision to abruptly end their Tuesday evening meeting without attempting to reach a decision.County Commissioner Tom Mielke, the board’s chairman, ended the meeting after people began heckling comments he was making about needing more information about the mining zones before moving forward. Amid the jeers, Mielke declared the meeting adjourned and pounded his gavel — nearly three hours after testimony began.He said Wednesday he did not know when the county might reconsider the proposal, adding that it was in no hurry to do so.Neighbors of existing mining quarries say they would be affected by an update of the county’s “surface mining overlay,” which designates areas in which the county allows the mining of rock aggregate. Updating the overlay would open the door to expanding mining operations in Clark County, particularly on Livingston Mountain and Yacolt Mountain.The county’s planning commission voted against the proposal last fall after holding four public forums. The state’s Department of Natural Resources, however, has requested the county reconsider that recommendation.last_img read more

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Peninsula Borough has released an update on the Kenai Spur Highway Extension Construction Project Update aka “North Road Extension”. Construction on the project started winter 2018. By the end of December the material placement was completed to Mile 2.10; grubbing was completed to Mile 2.15; and the right of way clearing done up to Mile 2.23. The winter freeze up was late for 2018, which initially suspended the clearing operations in November. Overall, the project contract completion is on schedule for December 2020. Updates and project actions can be found at:…/north-road-extension-project Work is anticipated to continue as weather permits; frozen ground is a must during this phase of construction. To date, the clearing operations are now beyond the Leif’s Creek Bridge at mile 4. The start of work is dependent on the NRE material placement reaching beyond mile 4.18, which is expected to take place June 2019. The contractor re-mobilized equipment for the New Year to resume the clearing operations on January 3, 2019. D&L Construction has the contract to construct the North Road Extension (NRE) 8.1 miles from the current terminus – just past Captain Cook State Recreation Area – to Warmwood Drive (just beyond Otter Creek Bridge). Total project cost is $5,663,801 that includes federal and state grants as well as 20 percent match requirement that the borough met with in-kind contributions that far exceeded the match requirement, according to the borough. last_img read more

first_img Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany On ‘Free Rein’ & More exclusive-rebelutions-eric-rachmany-free-rein-island-life-more The GRAMMY-nominated reggae band’s frontman explains how they reach new heights by staying grounded on their sixth albumNate HertweckGRAMMYs Sep 5, 2018 – 3:03 pm For nearly 15 years, California’s own Rebelution have been bringing their brand of perfectly popified reggae to audiences everywhere, building a devoted fan-base through their uplifting music and message. NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Sep 5, 2018 – 3:06 pm Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany On ‘Free Rein’ & More The band’s 2016 album Falling Into Place became their fourth album to top the Billboard reggae chart and earned Rebelution a GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album. With the arrival of their sixth studio album, Free Rein, earlier this year, singer/guitarist/lyricist Eric Rachmany and crew prove they’re primed to explore even more creative territory while always paying homage to their infectious Jamaican musical inspiration.Recently, we caught up with Rachmany, just as he and the rest of Rebelution set out to tour in support of the new album, to discuss what Free Rein means to him, a few of its standout tracks and how island life has become much more than dream.Tell me about the journey between Falling Into Place and Free Rein musically. How did you arrive at this direction with the new record?Yeah, Free Rein we were really more hands on with the entire process. So, in Rebelution we always are a very hands-on band. We write the music ourselves, at least 99.9 percent of it, and we take a lot of pride in that… We chose who we wanted to work with. We really took an active producer role, with the exception of a couple songs. And we continued working with two Jamaican producers that we really like on those few tracks. So, I think Rebelution’s always been that kind of band that wants to bridge the gap between Jamaica and the Reggae scene here in America. So if we can work with a lot of these producers and artists that we look up to that we kinda grew up listening to, the more we can show, like, our fan base where we come from, what our influences are.The album’s lead-off track, “Celebrate,” feels like a mission statement to do that – to celebrate each other and the spirit of community. Can you tell me about how that song came together?Sure, I mean, we get a lot of comments everyday that say, you know, “Rebelution thank you for getting me through this tough time.” For that particular song, I was thinking about somebody that was going through sort of a medical issue and I know that our music has such an impact on people thinking positively, and I know that’s the most important thing when they’re going through some physical troubles. So I was thinking about a particular person that has used our music to get through chemotherapy and get through a tough time, and so that song was actually really easy to write because I was trying to just think about her and just know that our music can get to her and encourage her to keep on fighting. I’m honored if I could just reach just one person with the music that we make in that manner I feel like my job is complete.Can you talk a little bit about what the album title means to you?Yeah. To me, Free Rein is really about being your true self, and when you can be your true self, you have the free rein to do what you please. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. With Rebelution, the message that we try to put out is embrace people’s differences.I grew up in San Francisco where it’s a big melting pot of people and I was fortunate that my parents exposed me to a lot of world music and a lot of world dance growing up and I always thought the differences were beautiful. People can find such beauty in these arts and practices so I wanna encourage people to embrace those differences in life, and I think if someone’s listening and feeling a little weird about being different, if they can see the message to have that comfortability in their own skin, to embrace their differences, I think people really have that free rein to take on the world.What are you looking forward to most with this upcoming tour?It’s always fun playing new material. Even though the fans, they may not know the words quite yet. We have a lot of die-hard fans that come back over and over again. We tour every summer and pretty much every winter and do a lot of festivals in between and so I think we have a lot of reoccurring listeners, so they want to hear that new stuff and they want to see like what’s the new stuff coming out. We get people who say, “This is my 20th show.” And we’re playing Red Rocks two nights this year, which is pretty much our favorite venue to play. I never thought that we’d ever perform there, so to be able to do two nights is pretty special. Exclusive: Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany On ‘Free Rein,’ Island Life & More Email News Facebook With all that touring, what do you like to do to relax and cool out?My favorite thing to do when I’m off tour is go to experience that island life. Hawaii and Guam were two of the first places that got down with our music so it’s not a bad place to be to perform. It never really feels like a job anyway but when you go out to Hawaii and Guam you just start feeling guilty that you get to do that for a living. So, I really enjoy seeing some friends and now that I consider them family out in the islands and just experiencing that beauty. That’s where I’ll be on my spare time.Sounds like a beautiful place to be. Yeah, one of the songs on the latest album, Free Rein, is called “City Life,” and it’s all about getting out of the city and I’ve been fortunate to go to beautiful, pristine places. There’s a lot of places in California obviously, but to get to those beaches that a lot of people don’t know about and having friends take you there. That’s really what I think about when I sing that song. I’m like “oh, as soon as this tour is over I’m gonna go lay low on a beach somewhere in Hawaii,” so I’m definitely fortunate… Every time we play that song live, that’s what I think about.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read more Twitter last_img read more

first_img Share Courtesy – Lisa ThompsonHouston runner Lisa Thompson has run in numerous marathons in Houston and across the country, despite being legally blind.This weekend is the 2018 Chevron Houston Marathon. And running a marathon, of course, is challenging enough for most people. But imagine doing it without being able to see — or without being to see very well.Well, that’s exactly what Houston runner Lisa Thompson is doing. She’s legally blind. Thompson has no vision in her left eye and very limited vision in her right eye. Yet she’s running the Houston Marathon this year – as she has seven other times. And this will be her 17th marathon overall.She tells Houston Matters about the challenges of running with limited vision and the joy she gets out of the experience.Courtesy – Lisa Thompsonlast_img read more

first_img Share On March 25, 2018, a caravan of over a thousand Central Americans, led by the group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, set out for Mexico City. Many of the participants are believed to be seeking entrance to the United States.On April 4, 2018, President Trump issued a Memorandum to the Secretaries of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security requesting the National Guard be deployed to southern border states to assist U.S. Customs and Border Protection in securing the southwest border. Today a House Subcommittee is meeting to explore the logistical, operational and legal challenges associated with masses of migrants arriving at the southwest border and seeking asylum in the United States.They are also discussing what actions need to be taken at the federal and state level to prepare for large groups of asylum seekers, and to explore how U.S. authorities are partnering with Mexican law enforcement and immigration authorities.last_img read more

first_imgNASA has released a new browser-based game made to let you build a computer network that spans the globe and then orbits it with satellites in low earth orbit.NetworKing, developed at the Ames Research Center’s Information Technology Office, lets players take on a role not unlike the one played by the real-world office. Players set up command stations worldwide as they acquire resources and clients. All the while, players do “gamey” versions of actual IT operations including monitoring usage, upgrading components, and fixing disasters.Eventually, the terrestrial network is connected to satellites and telescopes orbiting the planet. Once in space, it’s possible to achieve multiple levels of progress. Players begin with a Near Earth Network, which includes geosynchronous satellites like those used in the Global Positioning System (GPS). Later on, a Deep Space Network supports interplanetary communication. At the highest levels, missions culminate in actual NASA projects including the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope.The game uses 3D graphics, but is playable in a browser thanks to the popular Unity graphics engine plugin. A browser-based game also means that it is cross-platform, meaning it’s playable on your OS and browser of choice as long as Unity is supported. Players can get started playing the game right now.NASA’s previous game release, Moonbase Alpha, was an MMO set on the moon. It was perhaps best known for a text-to-speech feature in its in-game chat channel that soon became something of a playground for trolls as the video below demonstrates:Read more at Layer 8last_img read more

first_imgWe currently live in a gaming future that would’ve seemed completely bonkers to gamers from the ’90s. Square Enix hasn’t made a good game in years and the Final Fantasy series is almost irrelevant, Nintendo is floundering, PC gaming is as popular and accessible as it has ever been, and phones have overtaken dedicated portable gaming. One of the first things to happen that would’ve seemed crazy to a ’90s gamer, though, is when Sega bowed out of the hardware business and Sonic began appearing in games with Mario. Nintendo could take this partnership to the next level, as CEO Satoru Iwata has stated that the company will begin looking into mergers and acquisitions.For as long as Nintendo has been around, it has largely been an isolated company — you were either with Nintendo’s way of thinking, or against it. Occasionally, it ventured out from its cave and had some strange collaborations, such as the Zelda games on the Phillips CD-i, but it mostly stayed in its cocoon of doing whatever it felt like regardless of basic industry trends (such as a competent online service) or fan desires (new IPs, less mini-game collections). The Big N’s strategy sometimes worked, such as with the DS and Wii, but miserably failed other times, such as with the Wii U, which is why the company is now facing potential disaster. One strategy that Nintendo is mulling over to help stave off oblivion is that of mergers and acquisitions. If Nintendo can’t save itself, then it’ll hire people to help, but who could those people be?In a discussion with coworker and PC Magazine editor Jeffrey Wilson, Sega came up as the optimal choice. The once-proud company still has a ton of great IPs under its belt, but simply doesn’t have the financial backing to develop them. For instance, with Fire Emblem: Awakening being a smash hit on the Nintendo 3DS, a new, fully fledged Shining Force could achieve a similar level of success stateside. Sonic and Mario have been pairing off in party games for some time now, and Sega is one of the only developers left in the modern gaming world that — more often than not — falls in line with Nintendo’s family-friendly persona. The companies have also worked together on one of the GameCube’s only modem-enabled games, Phantasy Star Online, and PSO2 is currently stuck in Japan without a US release in sight. Meanwhile, beloved franchises haven’t had new installments in years, such as Jet Set Radio, which last released 12 years ago. The list goes on and on.If not Sega, then it only takes one quick look at a Steam sale to see that there are a bunch of indie developers creating successful games that hearken back to old-school Nintendo franchises. Nintendo has only been surviving thanks to milking every last drop of nostalgia gamers have left, and could certainly make a few pitches to some of these indie developers.Sega seems like the best fit, but for now, there’s no word at all regarding which developers Nintendo is thinking about gobbling up. For Nintendo fans, the good news here is that the company is mulling over changing their (unsuccessful) strategies — something that also would blow the mind of a long-time gamer.last_img read more

first_imgAmish Tripathi talks to Poulomi Banerjee about the Oath of the Vayuputras and life beyond the Shiva trilogyhology…After Immortals of Meluha was released, you had said, that you had the other two parts too planned in your mind… writing the second (The Secret of the Nagas) and the third (The Oath of the Vayuputras) books must have been easy then.As far as I am concerned, the Shiva trilogy is one continuous story and not three separate books. But it is difficult to bring out such a long story as one book, and hence the format of the trilogy. Even before the release of the 1st book, I had the complete story in mind, right down to the last line. But when you are in the actual process of writing, characters and sub-plots get introduced and the challenge then is to blend them with the main storyline. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Also, since the Oath of the Vayuputras was the final book of the trilogy, I had tie up all the loose ends. But the fact, that the story is one uninterrupted thought would be evident to anyone who has carefully read the book. In each of the books, I have left clues about what was going to happen in the next one.As a writer, what was the most difficult decision that you had to take in the Oath of the Vayuputras?Some characters had to die, and to kill them was the most difficult task I had to perform. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixYou have said that you were an atheist and the Shiva Trilogy was for you a blessing that changed you as a person. Having spent so much time telling this story, are you in anyway sad that the book is done with the release of the Oath of the Vayuputras?The book is done, but my relationship with Lord Shiva continues. I have become a believer for life. So there is no sadness at all. There is a sense of completeness.The last line of the Oath of the Vayuputras mentions the Mahabharata and says that story too will be told some days… Is that a hint to your readers? Is your next book going to be on Mahabharata?No. I have many ideas for my next book series, but I am yet to finalise the one I will take up. The Mahabharata, is one of the ideas under consideration. All the ideas that I am toying with are again based on history and mythology for that is my area of passion.The Immortals of Meluha is being made in to a film. Tell us about the progress on that front.Well, as you know, Karan Johar has acquired the film rights for the book and his team is working on the script. Once the script is ready, they will start work on the cast and other details.And you have not involved yourself with the script?No, it was a conscious decision on my part to not get involved in the script-writing, since I have felt that I can’t do justice to it and write my book at the same time, and I had to complete the Oath of the Vayuputras.With the Shiva Trilogy you have created not just a successful story, but also a successful marketing model. What was the vision that you had when you started marketing the book and why did you often choose smaller bookshops for launches and events rather than bigger bookstore chains?I’ve always believed that it is a fallacy to assume that a good book sells itself. That’s not true. A bad book and good marketing doesn’t work. But then, a good book and bad marketing does not work either.Both the book and the marketing need to be good. My team and I have implemented a lot of innovative ideas to promote my books and I’m glad that they have been well received.In book, you have often included modern issues such as widow remarriage, caner… then what would you say is evil, a subject that you dwell upon in detail in the Shiva trilogy, in today’s socio-political scenario?I’d love to answer this question, but then I may end up giving away the philosophy that is to be explained in the 3rd book. That may spoil the book for those who haven’t read the 3rd book. Perhaps I’ll answer this question six months later.last_img read more

first_imgNew Microsoft Edge: Translation and Spell Checking arrives by Martin Brinkmann on May 01, 2019 in Internet Explorer – 9 commentsOne of the features that I missed a lot when I took Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser to the test was support for translations and spell checking.The new Microsoft Edge is available as a development build currently only, and it is only natural that some features are missing. I had hopes that Microsoft would deliver the missing components before release, and the company did just that with the release of a new Canary channel version of Microsoft Edge.The Translate feature is build-in, but it needs to be activated at this point in time. It is likely that Microsoft restricts this for now but will enable the feature natively for all Edge installations once the browser reaches a stable build.Note: You need to enable Microsoft Edge Translate on edge://flags first at this point before translation functionality becomes available.Once enabled, Edge’s translate feature works similarly to the translate feature in Chrome. The browser detects a foreign language and displays a prompt to translate the page to the user.That prompt goes away when you click or do something else, but you may reopen it with a click on the translate icon in the Edge address bar.Select a language that you want the content to be translated to and hit the translate button to have Edge translate it. You may also select “not now” to dismiss the prompt, or check the “always translate pages from” box to automate the process further. If you do that, Edge will translate pages that are in the language automatically to the selected language.Microsoft Edge translates the content on the fly and displays it on the page right away. Microsoft uses its own translation service for that and not Google Translate; this should not come as a surprise though.Language support is good and you may select any supported language from the list if you don’t want the content to be translated into the suggested language.Spell checking support has been integrated as well, at least for some users. It works only in text fields, and is not available for all users at the time of writing.Closing WordsSpell checking is a core feature of any browser, and translation functionality is a nice to have feature, especially for users who look beyond regional offerings.Now You: Did you try the new Edge? What is your impression?SummaryArticle NameNew Microsoft Edge: Translation and Spell Checking arrivesDescriptionA look at the new Translate feature of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser that Microsoft plans to release later this year.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more